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What do you need to know to buy an air disinfector?


Air purifier "New National Standard" has been implemented for one year. Many consumers have a good understanding of the performance, product advantages, filter structure, production process and service advantages of air disinfector. In the pursuit of quality of life today, air disinfection equipment has not only depended on the appearance of survival. So how to choose the air disinfector? Let's take a look at the five techniques of the following analysis.

First, Xiaobian reminds consumers to have more understanding of the air disinfector and pay attention to "three high and one low". In the process of choosing air purifier products, we mainly refer to the three core issues of particulate matter CADR value, air volume of air purifier and noise influence. The higher the particulate matter CADR value and air volume of air purifier, the better the comprehensive performance of air purifier. The lower the noise, the better the user's experience. (New National Standard, Sleep Mode of Air purifier Products) They should not be higher than 20 decibels. These three core issues are called "three high and one low". So in the selection process, try to compare several brands, so as to choose according to their own needs.

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Second, the cumulative purifying capacity of products, the cumulative purifying capacity of air purifier products (also known as CCM), refers to the volume of clean air produced by consuming 1 degree of electricity. The cumulative purity of air disinfector is an important standard to test the quality of products. Therefore, in the process of choosing and purchasing, we must pay attention to the CCM value of products. The CCM values of air purifier products are stipulated in the new national standard, which can be referred to in the new national standard.

Third, the purification life and the purification life of air disinfector mainly depend on three factors. First, the service life of the filter. The overall filtering effect is mainly depended on the filter screen to purify harmful substances in the air. Usually, after a certain period of use, the filter needs to be replaced. As for the length of time to change, this should take into account the quality of the air disinfector filter and the frequency of use of products. Second, the motor. The function of the motor is to pump air and let the indoor air circulate continuously, so as to filter through the filter, plasma electrostatic precipitation, ultraviolet disinfection purifier and other technologies. If the quality of the motor is not up to standard, the product will also be ineffective.

Fourth, the sterilization effect of many users choose air disinfector products, the main concern is to be able to remove indoor space bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, usually calculated in cubic meters per hour, Weiyi environment has done a good job in this regard.

Fifth, in the process of choosing brand, service is also a core reference standard for service consumers, because as long as good service, in the future use of air disinfector products, there will be better assurance. Weiyi Environment not only provides high quality products, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. Get a lot of consumer trust. Such as: after-sales problems, product maintenance, filter replacement and so on. Summary: Selection of air disinfector requires careful observation and comparison, through the combination of relevant data summary, so as to select the appropriate products. The performance of air disinfector is caused by many factors, and relevant policies are also stipulated, so it is necessary to understand the performance of products and their own needs before making a choice.

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