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Suction top type

Suction top type


Product Brief

KXD series medical plasma air disinfector products are mainly composed of fan, middle-effect filter, plasma module and activated carbon molecular filter. Indoor polluted air circulates through various disinfection and purification modules under the action of the fan. Initial filter mainly filters large particles of dust such as hair and dust. The plasma module can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and diseases in the air. Pathogenic microorganisms such as poisonous and fungi; Activated carbon molecular filters can effectively remove organic gases and odors in the air; The series of products can effectively achieve disinfection effect of class II and III disinfection environment in the hospital.

Suitable place

Widely used in hospital delivery room, ICU, CSSD, supply room, hemodialysis center, laboratory and other places; mostly used in the new hospital decoration installation, effectively save room space, the overall layout of the room is good.

Product characteristics

It can be operated under human condition without any harm to human body.

The shell is made of high quality galvanized steel sheet, which is anti-aging and anti-spontaneous combustion.

A new two-stage plasma electric field is adopted, which has high germicidal efficiency and good dust accumulation effect.

Selection of high-quality activated carbon molecular filter can effectively remove organic gases and odors.

It is equipped with manual and booking mode to meet users'needs for more use.

Modular design, user-friendly maintenance.

Work time automatic accumulation function, cleaning and maintenance automatic reminder function.

Negative oxygen ion function, fresh air.

The function of plasma sterilization and purification module fault alarm, fan, temperature and humidity, communication fault alarm.

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